Metal Drive 2015!

Saturday, May 2nd AND Sunday, May 3rd, 9:00-2:00

Cascade Concrete, Horizon Flats Road, Winthrop

What you can bring (If it's metal, we're interested!) 

  • Appliances - washers, dryers, pressure tanks= free
  • Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners= $15 purging fee for appliances that contain or once contained coolants. 
  • Things with engines - old farm, garden, and lawn equipment.  ALL fluids must have been properly drained prior to delivery.  Also, remove as much plastic & rubber as possible.
  • Wire, cable, pipe, chain - barbed wire (rolled up!), electrical wire, plumbing parts, logging cable & chain
  • Scrap steel and iron - cast iron (porcelain enamel OK), miscellaneous metal, rusty stuff, bike frames, satellite dishes, old bed springs, etc.
  • Non-ferrous metals - copper wire & pipe, aluminum doors & windows (NO GLASS!), aluminum wire, irrigation pipe & roofing, stainless steel

What can't you bring:

Generally, things that aren't metal, would make a mess when crushed, or are dangerous.  We reserve the option to reject any item, but please don’t bring electronics, microwave ovens, closed containers (especially fuel, paint, or pesticide containers), anything containing liquids (storage tanks, engines, etc.), vehicles.


Please call Betsy at 996-2696 or email or stop by Methow Recycles.


What's so special about Methow Recycles Metal Drives?

5 things to know about Methow Recycles metal drives –

We think it great that there are now many choices for community members to get their scrap metal, large and small, recycled. It means that this valuable resource is being utilized and our properties are getting cleaned up. We want to make the choice offered by Methow Recycles clear:

  1. May metal drives are now an annual event!

  2. Methow Recycles has been hosting metal drives since 1998. The sale of all metal collected supports our programs for whole valley.

  3. We will be facilitating the harvest of good, reusable materials and making them available to the public for sale at the Recycling Center in Twisp.

  4. We keep the valley clean by keeping the metal moving and by preventing soil contamination from vehicle fluids.

  5. It can be a lot of work for property owners and our volunteers, but over the last 17 years, our observation is that most have found it to be fun and satisfying.