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The Methow Recycles staff has taken the pledge to a plastic-free February.

Who we are, what do we predict?

MR staff and family span a fairly diverse demographic. Among us are men and women, in our 20s, 30s, and 60s. Three of us are married, one with an 18 month old. One is in a single person household. All of us live in the Methow Valley, some home owners, some renters.

While we are all very conscious of our ecological footprint, we all agree that the plastic-free month will have its share of challenges. Read on for our predictions as we embark on this journey.

aspen & cody_19web.jpgAspen (Outreach Coordinator): We are a three person household with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a flock of chickens. I predict that avoiding plastic packaging and plastic single-use items will be relatively easy. Our family is on a budget so we don’t buy much, it’s winter so we hibernate, and we are already pretty good about re-using materials. What I think will be difficult is avoiding plastic in general. My son has a ton of plastic toys and he is in disposable diapers, so that will require a huge change. My husband drinks a lot of tea and coffee so the packaging on those products we will have to consider the next time we buy.

Betsy Cushman (Executive Director): Our two person household is also home to a cat and fourbetsycushman125.jpg chickens. Our challenges will be plastic packaging, coffee bags, and prescription bottles. We shop locally and buy in bulk as much as possible, but the plastic that comes with almost anything we buy will force new choices. Our cat has enough food for the month, which is a good thing, because cat food comes in a plastic bag. Prescription bottles can’t be refilled, and are most economical to buy monthly. We’ll be pushing on this.

jess 3.jpgJess (Program Assistant): We're a 2 adult household with 2 cats. Besides changing everything about the way we shop for groceries (seriously, just about everything in our fridge--from Greek yogurt to organic greens to condiments--are packaged in plastic of some kind. *Shout-outs to Tabasco sauce and eggs*, I think the biggest challenge for us is going to be plastics-free traveling! We've got a 2 week trip to Mexico planned for the middle of February and trying to plan meals and snacks in airports and on the road is going to require some forethought. I think it will also be interesting to spend half of this challenge in another country. Culturally, in what ways will it be easier/more difficult? We're excited for what is sure to be an eye opening month!

Miles (Operations Manager): I’m in a single person household. I think that the plastic free Miles-1.jpgchallenge will be easy though it will take a lot more forethought and planning ahead for lunches and trips to the grocery store. The items that will be the most difficult to figure out plastic-free alternatives to are cheese and chips.