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greenstickman-get.jpgEarth Day!

The Methow Valley Celebrates Earth Week!




Pick up litter along a road, path, or waterway you travel. Much of the litter you find will be recyclable, so bring an extra bag along. Bring all of your bags to Methow Recycles during Earth Week, April 17 – 23.


Join a group to beautify a park, school or church grounds, neighborhood or yard.



Pledge to make a difference this year by changing one thing in your life –

  • Start recycling at home if you don’t already – it’s easier than you think!
  • Learn about composting at home
  • Remove invasive weeds without chemicals
  • Eat more vegetables!
  • Pick up litter wherever you go
  • Learn a little bit about honey bees
  • Ride or walk instead of driving any time you can
  • Remember your reusable bags, water bottles, or coffee cups – see how long you can go without holding single-use item in your hand!

Share your story!!  #methowearthday2016   @methowrecycles    @wastewisemethow


Thanks for celebrating Earth Day with our business sponsors!

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