donatestickman.gifReducing waste and recycling just got easier!

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Become a Recycling member today!

Recycling Membership with automatic monthly payments

Recycling Membership lump sum payment

Your annual Methow Recycles membership provides you with easy, prepaid access to our programs.

The benefits of becoming a member include:

  • No need for payment when you drop off materials
  • Come as often as you want, no need to think about a “per trip” charge
  • Know that you’re doing your part to ensure that the programs you use and value are supported
  • Receive a members-only newsletter with tips and insider information
  • (In the future) members-only events
  • We’ll also throw in one free BlueBag each year!

Here’s how membership works:

  • All memberships are for one calendar year. When you join mid-year, we'll prorate the price of your membership.
  • Choose the membership level that’s right for you. Prices are below.
  • Show us your membership card or car sticker when you visit Methow Recycles. Come on in and do your thing!
  • Renew your membership annually. We’ll remind you, but if you want to make it super-simple, you can set it up to renew automatically with a monthly charge to your credit card or checking account.
  • We’ll send you an attractive new card each year and you can recycle the old one! Lifetime members will receive a durable card.
  • BlueBag purchases are not included with membership.

Household Recycling Membership pricing:

      • Individual - $75 
      • Couple - $150
      • Family - $275
      • Business - $325
      • Lifetime - $2,000
Recycling Membership with automatic monthly payments

 Recycling Membership lump sum payment


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