I. Internal Controls:       II. Other Financial:      III. Governance:      IV. Program
a. Receipts   a. Operational Reserve   a. Conflict of Interest   a. Shredding Service
b. Expense Reimbursement   b. Equipment Reserve   b. Whistleblower    
c. Purchasing   c. Capitalization   c. Decision Making    
d. Billing and Receivables   d. Investments        
e. Payroll Controls   e. Gift Acceptance    
f. Transfers        V. Staff
g. Financial Reporting           Employee Handbook
h. Safeguarding Assets   Policy Review Schedule       ED Succession Plan
Methow Recycles Practices  

Committee Charters:  

   Job Descriptions  
Board Member Code of Conduct   Executive   Executive Director
Accident Prevention Plan   Finance   Operations Mgr   Outreach Coordinator
    Board Development   President    
    Education   Vice-President    
    Marketing & Communication   Secretary    
        Board Member