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betsycushman125.jpgBetsy Cushman, Executive Director - My parents were children of the depression who loved the outdoors, so admonishments to not be wasteful were part of my upbringing. My 5th grade class celebrated the first Earth Day with an anti-pollution march to town hall, singing and picking up litter along the way. It's been a happy surprise for me to find a second career so well aligned with my life-long values. It's a real privilege to serve our community with the staff and volunteers of Methow Recycles.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has." ~ M. Mead

mmilliken bagmonster 125.jpgMiles Milliken, Waste Prevention ManagerSolid waste has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy being able to talk to virtually anyone about how they get rid of something, or what they might do to keep it out of the landfill. At Methow Recycles I have found a community that nurtures alternatives to trash. Not only do I get to have a direct hand in ensuring the Methow Valley community can recycle, every day I come to work I have the pleasure of working with terrific friends and volunteers. What really brightens my day is when someone comes by and wants to reuse something instead of recycling it. I want to help our community not just recycle, but reduce and repurpose as much as we can in beautiful and useful ways.

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akvicalaweb.jpgAspen Kvicala, Education and Outreach Program Manager - Early adventures in my Northern California home filled me with a deep love for the outdoors. I was inspired at an early age to learn that we have choices in the way we live our lives which can positively impact our planet and was determined to help others to want to make those choices. From putting simple cardboard boxes in my classrooms and organizing trash pick-ups, to participating in green campus initiatives at UC Santa Cruz, then returning as a naturalist to the outdoor school that gave me that initial spark, I have continued to follow my love for environmental education. As a resident of the Methow Valley I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to continue this amazing work and be a part of the vision to make the valley a fully sustainable, thriving community.

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Brent_web.jpgBrent Nourse, Recycling Program Manager - I grew up between the Seattle area, El Paso, TX, and the Methow Valley.  During that time I developed a deep appreciation for the environment, both its beauty and its fragility. And although I cannot claim deep foundation in waste management, I do have a passion for service to the community.  I have a B.A. in Economics from Whitman College, a J.D. from Seattle University, a background in heavy civil construction and law, and many years volunteering as a coach in the Seattle area.  Prior to my time here at Methow Recycles, I was the head rugby Coach and Sports Director at New Mexico Tech.  I find great joy and satisfaction helping and mentoring toward constructive community mindfulness.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have a direct impact on the health of the Methow. 

MaryannTimchalk_web.jpgMaryann Timchalk, Board Member - My husband Chuck and I moved to the Methow Valley in 2013.  We each took our direction for volunteering and financial support but Methow Recycles has been on that list from day one.  We are of the age that watched our parents and grandparents never throw anything out - they repurposed everything.  As a family, Chuck and I and our two boys started recycling in the 80’s in Michigan.  I have always recognized how important it is to keep as much out of the landfills as possible.  Joining the board was the logical next step for me – I want to help reach out to the community to continue educating folks about not only recycling, but about ways to reduce and reuse. I believe that when every community does their part, we can make a difference!

Nick b&w_web.jpgNick Brandenburg, Vice-President - Having grown up in the Valley, and returning here with my wife and kids in 2016, I'm overjoyed by the work Methow Recycles does.  Recycling and waste prevention have become strong values for me, and I'm honored to be able to serve alongside Methow Recycles in any way I can.  As the Manager of North Valley Lumber in Winthrop, I'm also excited to participate in, and help grow, programs that Methow Recycles has developed for businesses that aid in reducing waste, and helping to recycle more.


Jamie P_web.jpgJamie Petitto, Board Member - Like all children growing up, my parents determinedly taught me how to brush my teeth -- and, more importantly to me, they also told me why: to keep my teeth (and, in effect, my life) as healthy as possible. Those same efforts were applied in the household for recycling, and thus I've done it all my life. I just can't not do it, because I know why it's so important.

I joined the Methow Recycles Board because one of the organization's core missions is teaching the Methow Valley how to brush its proverbial teeth when it comes to waste reduction; our board and staff will always be working to keep you, the community, and our planet healthy.



Shirlee Evans, Board Member - Having grown up in the Methow Valley, it is wonderful to return to this community 40 years later and find such a commitment to recycling shared by local businesses and individuals. I am excited to help move this commitment to the next level by learning to reduce and reuse. The population of the valley reflects that of the Earth, more and more humans seeking to coexist and to thrive in a sustainable way that preserves our precious natural world.  Shared resources such as the Tool Library and Take-It-or-Leave-It and undoubtedly the non-profit organization Methow Recycles itself, are our future. As a board member, I look forward to hearing suggestions from community members. Together we can make a difference.


Bill Duguay, Brsz_billduguay.jpgoard Member - I taught third grade in Chelan for many years but now run my own wildland firefighting business full-time, Methow River Wildfire. I live on Gold Creek with my wife Jennifer (Mendro), daughter Johnnie and son Willy. I love to hike, spend time with my family, hunt with my dogs and float the river. I try to instill the importance of recycling into everyone I know and am willing to go the extra mile to make sure things get reused or recycled. Sometimes my family teases me because I've been known to dig through garbage to make sure things are recycled properly. I am serious about my stewardship of the earth.
Don-Linnertz.jpgDon Linnertz, Board Member – I volunteer at Methow Recycles because I am passionate about being involved in the community and living more lightly on the land. MR is not just a physical plant – it’s a group of like-minded, hard-working, fun loving people who inspire me to think about what I value and help me integrate those values more deeply to become a better advocate for recycling, reuse and waste reduction. 

RyanPhoto_web.jpgRyan Fortier, Treasurer - I grew up in the “generation-Y” era and in a large city. Recycling, though new, was an accepted part of life. I then moved to multiple rural communities and found recycling to either be severely diminished or non-existent.  It wasn’t until joining the Methow community that I realized it was not a lack of desire to recycle in rural communities that influenced availability, but a challenge of logistics.  That challenge to make Methow Recycles continue to work in this community is what interested me to want to support the staff and volunteers of this great organization.

Casey Bouchard.jpgCasey Bouchard, Board Member - My first job was working the scales at my parents aluminum recycling yard.  Ever since I've had a passion for reuse, recycling and environmental stewardship. Since 2009 I've been following that passion in the Methow. My first business, Recycling Roundup, offered collection services to local businesses. In 2013 Recycling Roundup joined forces with Methow Valley Sanitation to create WasteWise. As my businesses have evolved, Methow Recycles has been a steady and supportive partner. It's my pleasure to serve on the board of this incredible organization as we continue our work to inspire resource conservation though waste prevention, materials reuse and recycling in our community.


rsz_carol_runyon.jpgCarol Runyon, Secretary - After living in Montana for many years, working both as an elementary school teacher and an active community volunteer, my husband and I relocated to the Methow Valley in 2014.  Throughout my career, whether working in an indoor classroom setting or outdoors, helping students develop schoolyard habitats, I shared my love of the natural world, always emphasizing the importance of preserving it for the generations to come. Later on, as a volunteer at Olympic National Park, I shared this same passion with visitors, encouraging them to leave their campsites just a little better that they found them. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the board, the Methow Recycles staff, and the community as a whole to inspire and facilitate resource conservation here in the beautiful Methow Valley.



Missy LeDuc, President - My husband Rick and I live in Mazama and own and run The Mazama Store. Growing up in the deli business side by side with my Dad, and now working at the Mazama Store with my own family, I have developed a deep appreciation for food.  But excess packaging and chronic food waste found in the industry has left me looking for solutions. It excites me to be working with Methow Recycles who cares about the health of our community and are stewards and innovators of waste reduction. Together we can be an example of a successful community where we can work together to develop new habits and systems for food waste, reusable materials, along with careful recycling for a more zero waste lifestyle.